John Davis, 3D Environment Artist

I'm a 3D game environment and prop artist from Chicago, Illinois. I graduated from Miami University of Ohio in May 2017 with a BA in Interactive Media Studies and minors in Computer Science and Mathematics, and I'm now looking for work in the game industry.

Although environment art is my main area within the game development field, I also have experience doing concept art, game music, and game development in Unity 3D, Game Maker, and Multimedia Fusion 2.


All models and scenes created in Autodesk Maya and rendered in Unity 3D.

Old living room with furniture, floor lamp, and various other props

Icy cave

Subway car in "Willowsburg", fictional American city

Medieval dungeon cell

Bombed-out wartime building

Carnival with numerous rides and game booths

Bathroom sink with dirt, grime, and rust

AK-103 assault rifle

Street scene with 1991 Toyota Camrys, townhouses, and parking meters


Phone: (708) 495-3804
LinkedIn: John Davis
Snail mail: 1112 N. Lombard Ave / Oak Park, IL 60302

Resume: View/Download

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